One Year Anniversary

One year ago today, a small group of students at the University of California released a proposal that would fundamentally change the way in which their university is funded. By eliminating tuition and instead having graduates of the university contribute a small percentage of their income for a set time period, the university would ultimately … Continue reading One Year Anniversary

March Update

This morning, Fix UC President Chris LoCascio presented an update on Fix UC to the UC Board of Regents at their meeting at UCSF. He announced the release of the updated proposal, which includes a capped second model and the outline of a federal collection system. A new, expanded data report has also been released … Continue reading March Update

Welcome to Fix UC

Today, after nine long months of planning and development, we have finally issued the public release of the UC Student Investment Proposal. This is where we will post updates on our effort to initiate comprehensive solutions for the UC’s funding model, including our plans for next week’s regents meeting at UC Riverside. We will have … Continue reading Welcome to Fix UC